Sylvie Filiatreault

Sylvie Filiatreault was born in Montreal in 1972. Raised by a single mother, who nurtured Sylvie's talent and interests for the arts with weekly trips to the library; providing her with the tools needed to persevere in her passions for the arts and literature by attending seminars at a very early age. "I remember going to those events and sitting on a booster seat to the surprise of all who were present."

She is a graduate of Concordia University in Fine Arts and Art History -- two disciplines that married her deepest passions: stories told in images. "I have always been fascinated with the paintings of centuries past as they hold the many secrets of the times in which they were created. Every work of art, every piece of architecture, every word ever written is a time machine in itself."

Sylvie's curious personality left her dissatisfied with only reading about historical events and places. She wished to experience them first hand, she sold all her worldly belongings, donned a back-pack and traveled to Scotland, England, France, and Ireland, reveling in the history, culture, and mythology.

Sylvie enjoys getting news and comments from her readers. You can reach her at